Black Rock Nippers U6-U14

2019/20 Season commences Saturday 9th November - 29th February (with a 2 week break for Christmas)


Surf Education & Sport Training             



Additional Sport Training for Competitors only

U6-U14.    12:30-2:00pm   U8-U14.    6:30-7:30pm

Always arrive 15 minutes early to each session for a briefing and time to apply sunscreen, get boards ready etc.



Nippers Evolve Lifesavers

Life saving clubs are a place to learn the skills to become a surf lifesaver anywhere in the world.  At Black Rock LSC, with the support and resources of Life Saving Victoria (LSV), we have the perfect 'play ground' to develop members through personal safety, acquatic awareness, fitness and first aid to potentially becoming a community Lifesaver!

You are welcome to join the Black Rock LSC at any age with the youngest members being able to join in the U6 Nippers age group, aged 5 years (before midnight 30th September in the current year).

Members at Black Rock LSC are all volunteers.  The Nipper's Surf Education program is delivered by parents, cadets and other experienced club members.  Resources are continually improved and updated to enable easy delivery.  Age appropriate workbooks are available to work through during training sessions.  Please print your age group copy and bring to your first session.  An example of knowledge and skills taught are:

  • Sun Safety
  • Surf Conditions & Hazards
  • Resuscitation
  • Signs & Signals
  • First Aid & Rescue Techniques
  • Board & Swimming skills
  • Beach & sprint fitness

To ensure all children have a suitable swimming ability to allow them to participate in open water activities, Surf Life Saving Australia has developed a Junior Preliminary Skills Evaluation (click link for further information) for each age group.  Every nipper is required to participate in this evaluation, conducted by the club, prior to any junior water activity training or competition being undertaken.

In surf education nippers are taught vital water safety and survival skills,  as well as to appreciate and protect their environment.  As nippers progress through the age categories they will gain an understanding of health, lifesaving rescue techniques, first aid and resuscitation preparing them to achieve their Surf Rescue Certificate and start beach patrols at the age of 13, if they wish to.

From the U8 age group participation in competition is offered in a number of different disciplines that helps nippers learn their beach and surf skills and also provides them with regular physical activity that incorporates fun and team work.  Competition is encouraged but not compulsory.  Carnivals are held at different Bay and Surf beaches around the State each year, so they also provide a fabulous opportunity to explore different parts of Victoria.

Our intention at Black Rock LSC is to grow healthy, well balanced Life Savers within a supportive, fun and educational environment, that has at it's core family and community based values.

Winter Pool Competition Training

Black Rock Nippers compete in the Life Saving Victoria (LSV) pool competitions over the winter month and have developed an 8-10 week pool program to learn the skills to be a pool lifesaver - Give it a go! you'll have lots of fun alognside friends made over the summer months.

To cover the cost of pool lane hire, an additional fee is charged, however at Black Rock LSC your competition entry fees are paid for by the club (excluding State Championship events).

Carnival and training dates and times are confirmed on TeamApp when LSV release the season's program.

Saturday (Pool)    

1.30-2.30pm   U8-U11

Over winter U12+ compete and train for the LSV youth/senior carnivals, further information can be found on the Seniors page.

In line with SLSA, competitors age group is determined with age as at 30th September in the prior year, ie., same age group as per the summer season just gone.


Membership enquiries to Alison: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.