Working With Children Check

 Why is keeping children safe so important?

Lifesaving Victoria has a moral obligation to protect its young members (U18). It now also has a State legal requirement to ensure all young members are protected from physical and sexual harm. This legal requirement involves all members 18 years and older who undertake volunteer work that:

"usually involves, or is likely usually to involve, regular direct contact with a child in connection with a service, body, place or activity specified in sub‐section (3) in circumstances where that contact is not directly supervised by another person."
Source: Working With Children Act 2005 (Vic).

What does a Working With Children Check (WWCC) include?

The Working With Children Act 2005 (Vic) includes a compulsory Working With Children Check for all employees and volunteers who work in connection with 20 occupational areas and who have regular, direct and not directly (indirect) supervised contact with children. This check has implications for all areas of Life Saving Victoria as many of our activities involve young members (U18) including:

• patrols
• competition
• coaching
• instructing
• assessing
• day‐to‐day club activities and operations

A WWCC will consider offences of a sexual, violent and drug related nature. The WWCC includes:

• national criminal record check for relevant convictions, findings of guilt and relevant pending charges
• a review of relevant findings from prescribed professional disciplinary bodies (currently only the Victorian Institute of Teaching).

There is no difference between a volunteer and employee check except the cost. A Volunteer WWCC is FREE however a Employment WWCC requires payment.

Please note: A Volunteer WWCC CANNOT be used for employment purposes.

The legislation does provide certain exemptions from obtaining the check. However given the broad nature of Life Saving Victoria's activities, it would be almost impossible to apply the exemptions and therefore at Black Rock Life Saving Club we require all Active members over the age of 18 to undertake a Working With Children (WWC) check, in line with State Government Legislation.

How do I obtain a WWCC?

Online Application Forms 
Starting from July 2013 members will be able to complete WWC Check Application form online before lodging the form with Australia Post. 

From July an easy 2-step application process for a WWC Check will involve filling out the form online. 

Step 1 – From July 2013 submit your details online 

• Go to the WWC Check website 
• Fill out the form online 
• Print out the Application Summary and Receipt with all the details you entered 

Step 2 – Lodge your documents at Australia Post 

Go to a participating Australia Post outlet to lodge your application, taking with you: 

• the Application Summary and Receipt 
• relevant proof of identity documents 
• a passport size photo 
• and if you are applying for an Employee card the application fee. 

Further updates on the online application form please see the WWC Check Website:


How to Complete the Form

Fill in the form using the follwing information

Section D - Details of Child-Related Work

Use the following codes:

10 (Overnight Camps)

42 (Clubs & Associations)

28 (Coaching and Tuition)

Section E - Details Organisation/s

Name of primary Organisation

VIC 3207

03 9676 6900

Name of other Organisation

VIC 3193

03 9598 9571

3. Provide 100 points of identification (refer to application form).

4. Provide a passport size photo (must be regulated size and taken within the last 12 months).

5. Lodge at Australia Post by booking a WWCC check appointment (remember it is free) and receive an 'Application Receipt' (back page of application form), as evidence of submitting your form. The application receipt number in the top right hand corner is your WWCC number. A list of local post offices that provide this facility is below:

41B Bluff Road
Black Rock
VIC 3913


28 East Concourse
VIC 3913
349 Balcombe Road
VIC 3193
22 Bay Road
VIC 3191

The application receipt acts as a temporary WWCC until your application is processed. Once you have lodged your application and obtained a receipt, you can partake in activities involving children. The verified receipt can be used until the application is decided, or for a maximum of 60 days from the date of issue, whichever occurs sooner.

Applicants and employers are encouraged to check the status of an application online at


What do I do once I receive the Card?

Usually the the Department of Justice notifies the club on successful application and provides the club with an image of the card. Once you receive your card please inform the membership registrar at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so that the loop can be closed. The WWCC is valid for five (5) years.

I already have a WWCC Card, do I have to apply again?

You can do this by updating your details with the Department of Justice. This can easily be done on-line

Also please forward your name, WWCC number and expiry date to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , the club is required to have these details recorded for every adult member

What happens if my application is denied?

The WWCC looks for criminal activity relevant to the physical and sexual safety of children under 18 years of age. If a member has their application denied, they are issued with a Negative Notice by the Victorian Department of Justice. The member (applicant) and Life Saving Victoria's CEO will be informed. It is important to understand that Life Saving Victoria maintains strict adherence to privacy legislation which regulates such personal information being broadcast to a wider audience. If a member does have their application denied, they cannot be a member of Life Saving Victoria.

Change of personal details requirements

Following amendments to the 2006 working with children regulations, effective from 1 October 2012 individuals (both cardholders and applications) are required by law to notify the department within 21 days of any changes to: 

• your name and those you are or have been known by 
• your birth date 
• your residential address 
• the phone numbers you have provided in your application 
• the organisations you do child-related work for and their contact details. 

Changes to your details can be made online at the link below:;jsessionid=A559377911C2845B0EC3DA4C2978DB48.wwc-one?next=chgdet 

Or alternatively they can be updated over the phone by calling the WWC Check information line 1300 652 879. 

Teachers and Police Officers

Teachers and Police Officers are not exempt from WWC Check.  Without undertaking a WWC Check there is no association between your profession as a Teacher or Police Officer and any volunteer organisation in which you participate.